Ilonggos are a tribe but they are not a Nation, Tagalogs are a tribe but they are not a Nation. When an Ilonggo or Tagalog stands on the street no one knows who they are until they talk. On the other hand Maranaos are not only a tribe they are a Nation. Higaonons are not only a Tribe they are a Nation. When they stand on the street and saying nothing you know they are a Maranao or a Higaonon by their dress and their demeanor. The Maranaos and the Higaonons have not only preserved their dialect, they have also preserved their unique culture and upbringing.

These Tribes and Nations should be given double respect and honor by our Country because it took them centuries of struggle and isolation to maintain their true identity. They should not be treated with disdain and strange looks because the path they took was not easy one-deprived of literally everything just to survive.

Take note that almost all of the economic super powers of today are all Tribes and Nations and have uniquely preserve their culture and traditions-China, India, Japan, Korea and some of them even took a national policy of isolation for centuries.

Many people think that the Bangsamoro is the “pain at our neck” as a Nation. Then lets ” isolate” them. Not because we want to be separate from them or we want to disown them. Isolate them in order to make them rest from our feudal and unitary mind sets. Let them simply be. If they feel they can stand on their own then let them be. A son of this Republic is not disowning his parent Nation. He simply wants to live on his own. To survive on his own. No parent will be angry when a son or daughter wants to be independent and earn his own living. All parents will welcome that.

However as a son or daughter the Bangsamoro just like any household must also remember that the parents cannot literally provide for their financial needs forever. You want to survive on your own then that is okey-we can provide you perhaps an allowance for the next 3 to 6 months but after that you are on your own. You can have the TV and the car but the family bank book stays with us. Visit if you miss us, but now you are on your own. Not because we want to disown you, not because we do not love you anymore, not because you are no longer family- but time has come for you to be on your own. To stand on your own two feet. All you earn is yours. When you give us a share of what you earn we will welcome that and we will not also be denied of your blessing.

This Nation of Filipinos will only rise when these Tribes and Nations will rise. This Nation will rise when the Mountain Tribes arises. Our future as a Country will be shaped and guided by them.

Because when the darkest shines, then those who are already shining will shine brighter. Then this whole Nation will rise.

May God/Allah/Magbabaya shield and protect the Tribes and the Nations of our country… for they carry the destiny and future of our Nation

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