The Meaning of Eid’l Adha

Islam teaches us that there are only two festivals required of Muslims to celebrate. One is Eid’l Adha, other is Eid’l Fitr. In both festivities, they are celebrated following compliance of God’s requirements of certain sacrifices.

Eid’l Adha literally means “Feast of Sacrifice” so called because it is a thanksgiving celebration in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim (alaihi salaat wa salaam) sacrificing his then only son Ishmael in obedience to Allah’s command.

Sacrifice is the Price of Victory.

Ramadan teaches us to sacrifice by abstaining from eating and drinking and from bad words, thoughts and deeds, and instead, by exercising piety and self-control all aimed for purification and in the end ‘victorious.’

Science has proven that fasting is the most effective medicine when done properly. During Eid’l Fitr which culminate the fast in Ramadan, we celebrate the holidays to show that we succeed in our fight against self-excessiveness.

In Eid’l Adha, we learn three things: First, it is God’s test of our belief in Him. Belief of doing anything that He has enjoined us. Second, if we can sacrifice to spend the most endeared to us for Allah’s Sake. And, third,

The sacrifices a Muslim does on this occasion are repeatedly done every year so that Muslims are always reminded to thread the Ways provided for them by their Lord.

They are always reminded not to go astray in order to succeed not only in this world but also in the Hereafter.

God does not want those who believe in him to fail. He does not want them to be oppressed the way they are now. But all their sufferings now are due to their deviation from the true teachings of their religion.

It happens that they forget and deviate from what God has enjoined upon them as their way of life. Muslims choose the short cut instead of the ways God has provided.

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