Eid’l Adha means “Sacrifice is the Price of Success”

Eid’l Adha marks the culmination of the hajj (pilgrimage) rites at Minā, Saudi Arabia, near Mecca. 

It literally means Festival of Sacrifice to commemorate Ibrahim’s great sacrifice of his then only son, Ishmael that was commanded him.

It is, however, celebrated by Muslims throughout the world.

As with Eid’l Fitr, it is distinguished by the performance of communal prayer (ṣalāt) at daybreak on its first day.

It begins on the 10th of Dhu’l-Hijja, the last month of the Islamic calendar, and continues for an additional three days (though the Muslim use of a lunar calendar means that it may occur during any season of the year).

During the festival, families that can afford to sacrifice a ritually acceptable animal (sheep, goat, camel, or cow) do so and then divide the flesh equally among themselves, the poor, and friends and neighbours.

Eid’l Adha is also a time for visiting with friends and family and for exchanging gifts.

This festival means that Sacrifice is the Price of Success.

Legitimizing the

illegitimate media

The plan of certain congress leaders proposing to accredit persons before they can practice journalism is a good news to true media practitioners.

But it seems it is good to be true for majority of the media practitioners in the country are not deserving.

These are those who are giving bad light to the fourth estate. These are those whom many of us call “koMEDIAnte” or “maninigbas.”

These are those who pretend to be mediamen and go to politicians and moneyed people offering media coverage services, for fees. Bu they do not have regular media outlets, or, if they have, it is a now-you-see-now-you-don’t toilet paper.

Unfortunately, there are government leaders who are legitimizing these “komediante.”

Not long ago, an Iligan-based media group which is notorious in soliciting money from Muslim leaders sponsored money-making affair in which a friend was said to dole out thousands in exchange of an award.

Many of their members do not have outlets.

Sad to say, a Duterte’s cabinet member, also a Mindanaoan, graced the occasion. To us, that means legitimizing the illegitimate.

We all know that this group is not the only koMEDIAnte roaming in Lanao del Sur victimizing Maranao politicians, government agency executives and money people.

Well, perhaps, it is but proper that accreditation should be issued to legitimate practitioners. The New Ranao Star

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