Join the Movement for Water and Sanitation

I am putting forward a universal issue from Global Citizen which is water.  Water affects everyone.  We need to have clean water all the time; otherwise we’ll die sooner or later.  Water is like air.  It is a significant component for human survival.  We need to drink clean water, bathe clean water and wash our clothes and kitchen utensils with clean water.  We also need to breathe in clean air.

 Water and sanitation go together.  We need to clean our surroundings daily to preserve the environment.  Let’s avoid cutting down the trees from the forest.  Let’s avoid throwing garbage into the river or the lake.  Water is precious.  If we do not act now, we might wake up someday to find that all the water from our natural reservoirs are gone, our watersheds that supply water to the rivers and lake. 
The Iligan River is now so polluted that nothing is being done about it.  The LGU has not made it a high priority project, to clean and protect the Iligan River.  The people don’t care.  Below is the advocacy of Global Citizen that I would like to share in this section.  TED

Join the Movement for Water and Sanitation
Over the course of the past 25 years, 2.6 billion people have gained better access to drinking water. But the fact remains that 8 out of 10 people living in rural areas are still without clean drinking water. That’s 663 million people being denied their right to clean water.
One third of the world’s population is also living without sanitation facilities. As a result, an estimated 946 million people are left with no other option but to go to the bathroom outside, in the open.
Imagine living in a world without access to clean drinking water or a clean and private bathroom. No one should have to suffer the injustice of being denied such fundamental rights.
Let Girls Focus on Their Educations Instead of on Finding a Bathroom by CHIME FOR CHANGE, Founded by Gucci
The water and sanitation crisis that affects 2.4 billion people, has a disproportionate effect on females, as every day girls around the world are forced to miss school during their periods.
Last year the Netherlands promised to provide 30 million people with clean toilets and 50 million people with clean water, however they have yet to begin making good on this commitment. We need the Netherlands to stick to its word to get girls back in school — no matter what time of month it is.
Sign the petition and send a tweet to the Netherlands asking them to follow through on their promise on water and sanitation so that girls and women can get the educations they deserve.
The government of the Netherlands will attend World Water Week in Stockholm later this month, and on August 29th, Global Citizens will hand over this petition to the Dutch government. tnrs

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