PhilHealth has staff in every hospital to assist members

Participants during PhilHealth Press 
Conference. RSO

Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

Perhaps, it is not known to all, but the Philhealth has designated staff in every hospital, especially public hospital in the locality to entertain and provide information for what they call P-CARE so that the client or patient will not have difficulty in securing any lacking document. 

They also said that they have given a portal computer to the public hospital where a member can just present membership ID and he can get on the spot his remittance update

This was revealed by PhilHealth officials during the press conference they called for on February 29 at the PhilHealth Conference Room here.

The Public Affairs Unit of the Office of the Regional Vice-President of Philippine Health for Mindanao called for the press conference as one of its highlights in celebrating its 21st anniversary of rendering public service.

It was attended mostly by representatives of radio frequency groups and some from the mainstream media including representatives from The New Ranao Star, DXAD, DXSO, and DXSK, among others.

The head of the local PhilHealth public affairs unit Bamra Ampaso, said “this small press conference is one of the lineup activities in celebrating the PhilHealth anniversary on its 21 rendering public services.”

He explained that availed benefits by members to date reached as much as 900 per cent, this year, the most important is the launching of products and services as well as privileges of members. These included improving Access to Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation for Children with Disabilities below 18 years of age.

It is also learned that public hospitals are accredited by PhilHealth and private hospitals should be accredited too.

PhilHealth is asking those who are not yet members of PhilHealth to be members and avail of the benefits and privileges that millions have already been enjoying. It is also informing the public not to be hesitant to contact their office for any information at the following hot numbers:

Action Center # 4417-442
Official number # 0928-5071910 (Regional Office)

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