Opinion. Paying for Power Generation – Not Water

Under the current leadership Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative (LASUREC0) is apparently lifting the organization from the financial quicksand that it has been wallowing for decades.

Although quite moving at snail pace due to various reasons, the LASURECO Metering Task Force is getting the message across to the member-consumers.
People are now paying their electrical consumption. Perhaps, LASURECO is having an effective and efficient information and communication program.
Probably in paying their bills, people have now realized that they are paying not the water from the lake but the electricity generated by the Hydroelectric Plants and brought to their homes by a transmission company.
There was a time that one would hear people say, “Why should we pay when the lake is ours?”
That was, of course, distorted thinking.  The water of the lake has been there for centuries but electricity came only when the Hydroelectric Plants were constructed.
The member-consumers are thus paying the cost of equipment depreciation, operation and maintenance and transmission of electricity to their homes.
The people have at last matured.  They have realized the reason and the importance of paying their electrical consumption.
It means that the Maranao is ready for more challenges in the economic growth of Marawi City and the province. 
Long live the Bangsamoro whose progress and development is in sight!
The Respondents can file a Motion for Reconsideration or Appeal the Order. And it is still a long story to tell.

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