Murder of Marawi City police director still unresolved?

Marawi City, Philippines
November 8, 2015

A highly respected businessman in the City of Marawi and Province of Lanao del Sur who refused to be named said the killing of a Police Chief which has not been solved until now for a small city like Marawi is something unbelievable.

Police Superintendent Al Abner Wahab Santos was killed last month in broad daylight but the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the city and province are still investigating the killing..

The businessman said he felt the authorities are not really doing their job, either they are not concerned or they do not do their job well.

Meanwhile, Mayor Fahad Salic said he was told the police already had suspects but they could not be mentioned now that they are still gathering more information and evidence.

He added that many angles are being explored as the late Police Superintendent had been very effective in enforcing the laws especially against prohibited drugs and other heinous crimes.

The New Ranao Star learned that the late police chief was able to pin down syndicates during his stint in the Islamic city as chief of the city police.

Asked to comment on the PNP proposal to pass an ordinance prohibiting heavily tinted windshields on motor vehicles, Mayor Salic replied that it is very difficult to have it in Marawi but considered it a good idea.

the new ranao star

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