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Many Maranaos don’t want to be called ‘Moros


Kenaba ini kapamolias ka tidto aya.

This may sound like what hailers of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) call “Peace Spoiler,” or to die hard Moroists “Divisive.”

It’s only a matter of baring out the sentiments of some Maranaos who still keep the unforgiving feeling of our forebears against the imposing names of Kasila, Pilipino, and Moro for they believe that their ancestors — many of whom lost their lives in fighting against foreign invaders and later the Manila imperialism — are right and deserve to cherish their cause that many of us may call immaterial or no non-sense anymore.

But let’s look at the other word, the unheard sentiment from the rest.

“We are Bangsa Meranao Not Bangsamoro””

“Why I Don’t Want To Be Called Moro?

“The word Moro comes from the Spaniards and not from the Noble Quran or Hadith.

“Muslims in Mindanao/Philippines were/are already EXISTING in 14th Century when the Spaniards came to Mindanao/Philippines in 16th Century!

“Since the Christian Spaniards cannot defeat the Muslims in Mindanao and cannot convert them (Muslims) into Christians, the Spaniards called them “Moros”. However, the word Moro/s according to Spaniards refers to an individual that make offerings to spirits (diwatas), malevolent or benign, believing that such spirits can and will have an effect on one’s health, family, and crops.

“In Portugal and Spain, mouro (feminine, moura) may also refer to supernatural beings known as enchanted moura, where “moor” implies ‘alien’ and ‘non-Christian’; These beings were siren-like fairies with golden or reddish hair and a fair face. They were believed to have magical properties.

“My Conclusion:

“Any Muslim is not engage and don’t practice any magic or witchcraft like the Moro of Spaniards. Muslim belongst to the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Spaniards’ Moro is not and is not a Muslim. Muslims in Mindanao are humans and not Moro Alien according to Spaniards.

“Islam is the Religion of Muslim as favored by ALLAH SWT in the Noble Quran and Spaniards’ Moro is a pagan and Moro is only a foolish mind creation of the Spaniards.

“Therefore, the word Moro is a Bidaa! And you know, as a Muslim, that ‘Qullu Bidaa Fi Nar’!


Note: Spaniards and Dictionaries addressing Muslim in Mindanao as a Moro MUST be held accountable for this malign and image-destroying of Muslims in Mindanao, Philippines. ALLAHU AKBAR!” (Forgive the composition flaws. What isimportant is the thought.)


I for one strongly support what the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Government have achieved in the historic signing of the agreement — for who does not want peace?

And as Shakespeare said “What’s in a name anyway,” I don’t care what the hell is the name of our nation if it gives peace and prosperity to our people, and will guide us to Jannah Firdaus, especially the generation to come.

But then let’s ponder on what are the elements that give meaning to the term Nation or Bangsa.

So Bangsa na Pagtao a ana rekiyan a Basah, makatutarimbasa sa Kawali, go ana rekiyan a Dadabiyatan. (A nation is a people which has its own language/or dialect, has its own territory and has a way of life (culture or customs and tradition). Others add that a nation has to have a government but I believe it is not necessary.

Does the Maranao has a language?

Of course, yes. The Darangen Epic which is a Maranao epic poetry is among the longest epic poetries in the world, and everybody believes it’s so beautiful a poetry.

Does the Maranao has a territory?

Yes. They have their Homeland, So Iranun Katenggawan a Ranao Pibpandaraan.

Does the Maranao has his own Culture, Customs and Traditions?

But of course. The Taritib and Igma ko Pata Phangampong ko Ranao was the only weapon of the Maranao forebears in defending their homeland, witout which, the generations would have possibly been subjugated as were other parts of the archipelago.

Now, let me ask:

Does the Moro has any of the foregoing?

Sekano den e matao nggeda-geda.

But then I may not be at all right. And I stand to be corrected.


The expression of happiness and joys of the many a Muslim, or, for that matter, Bangsamoro, in their rallies, parades and thanksgiving prayers attended by countless people nationwide, was something unprecedented in the history of our people, for which the Ulama says the Bangsamoro shall be thankful to the Almighty Allah.

And this must not be spoiled. No one should spoil it!


And too, we could not help ponder if striking out the word “Muslim Mindanao” from the Basic Law and change it to “Bangsamoro” would make no difference in our religious upliftment.

Would it not also carry out some admonishment from our forebears in their graves who never had wanted to be called Moros, Kasila or Pilipino?

Now, please share your mind to the public. (RSP)

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