Can’t the PNP contend emergency?

The many incidents including natural disasters that happened in the Philippines have cast doubts on the capability of the government to contend emergencies.

First, whatever excuses the government would say, the Zamboanga siege was something that would have been unlikely to happen. 

How could the armed group be able to enter the city in full battle gears?

Second, it seems unbelievable that Nur Misuari was able to slip out of the country undetected by the police, the immigration authorities, the coast guards, and other Philippine authorities. Sources said Misuari is in the Middle East, confirming news reports that the MNLF founding chair is on his way to attend the OIC meeting.

Third, just last week, the Marawi City police chief was abducted by, what OPAPP secretary Deles said, a small group of MILF. Though PSupt. Christopher W. Panapan was immediately released by his abductors, the incident reflects the capability of the Philippine authorities to address peace and security problems.

The government naturally is playing down the incident but no matter how the government tries to modulate it, many consider such downplaying a blatant charade.

Both the government and the MILF hierarchy had not given the exact reason why the Marawi incident took place. 

They just said an investigation is being carried out. And the MILF was quoted as saying they would punish the culprit in their own ranks. But everyone in Marawi knows why it did happen.

Lately, the corruption that rocked the distribution of billions of pesos of aids and assistance to the victims of the devastating super typhoon Yolanda have tainted the reputation of government workers.

These and many others are giving us doubts as to the capability of the government security forces to contend emergencies.

And we could not help but believe that the government is run by corrupt officials and whose only capability is a mere lip-service, and a holier-than-thou bragging.


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