Buntong- Poblacion Central Elementary School

First of a Series

The Buntong Poblacion Elementary School was established in 1946 under the leadership of Sultan Sarip Mama with the helped of different Datus and Sultan such as Datu Bariga Indatu, Datu Papandayan Dagandar Adoma, Datu Mangoao Macarampat, Sultan Pandiin, Datu Macawiyag Sarip and Sarip Diamla Mericano. They meet and a feasibility study to be submitted to the Congress and Senate. After a meeting the feasibility study presented by late congressman Rashed Lucman and late Senator Ahmad Domocao Alonto made a bill about our school then immediately approved. The main purpose of Sultan Sarip Mama in creating school was convincing the people community and support the school in sending their children to school. We know pretty well that parents didn’t want the children to school because they orientation of the Datus and Sultan they are willing to do so.
For the past few years they were different energetic district supervision in the Division I who supervised our school such as Hadja Monawara P. Saidona, Mr. Badron, Dimaronsing, Mr. Ramli A. Noor, Mr. Poro Maute, Mr. Renabor Mambuay followed by Mrs. Sanaoray I. Baute. Which she started her Supervision here in Buadiposo-Buntong District from the Year 2002 to date. It is like a traditional practice that principals in our school were a native of our Municipality of Buadiposo-Buntong, Lanao del Sur. They are Mrs. Maingco Mama Sacar, Mrs. Renabor Mambuay, Mr. Langolang Bantasan, Mrs. Mona C. Pundato and Mrs. Saira Mama Batocapala. This different person had so many contributions to our school that can be remembered by the teachers, pupils and the community.

In 1947 when the school was approved by the Bureau of Education through the Superintendent of School received and order that Municipality of Buadiposo-Buntong was to open a primary school I known as Manacab Primary School now elevated as Buntong Poblacion Elementary School.

There was a problem of the physical because no building to house the pupils but Datu Dagandar gives his house as a temporary building for the 40 pupils with one teacher Datu Natangcop Atar. In 1948 the primary school again was transferred to the PTA building consist of two rooms. With the staggered basis and the increased of pupils with 60 pupils, then one additional teacher for the grade two and Tiburon Mama is the teacher. In 1958 the pupils increased Sultan Sarip Mama asked a building from late Congressman Rashed Lucman and donated an area land nearly the national road constructed one building for the primary pupils so that they can transferred.

(to be continued)

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