Wedad A. Amerol-Noor

The Lady behind the
Bacarat Memorial National High School
Marawi City

First of a Series

Like the  many of those who had worked hard in the establishment of Bacarat Memorial National High School (BMNHS), its present principal also did the best if only to bring to the heart of the community a portal of high school education so that their children should not go far in quest of knowledge.

Principal Noor and her better half Jaimy personally helped in paper works and follow-up in concerned agencies for approval of the establishment of the shool.

Committed to public service especially providing quality education to the youth, Principal Wedad A. Amerol-Noor has always been an active educator ever since she started working as a teacher, more so in Bacarat Memorial National High School.

Speaking of BMNHS,  the family of Principal Noor was a great help in its establishment.

Principal Noor said “it was the plan of Superintendent Mona A. Macatanong and initiated by Tohame D. Noor (her husband) and the Local School Board headed by Brgy. Chairman H. Amer D. Bacarat with the help and support of the City Schools Division of Marawi, the Local Government Unit of the Islamic City of Marawi under the leadership of Honorable City Mayor Fahad Pre Salic.”

The legal basis of operation of BMNHS is the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of R. A. 9155 otherwise known as as the governance of Basic Education Act of 2001 which authorizes the DepEd-ARMM to Approve, Separate, Integrate, Convert and Rename Schools.

BacaratMemoraial National High School serves the eight barangays of the city namely Poona Marantao, Amito, Dayawan, Pindolonan, Tuca, LumbacaToros, Toros and Bacolod.

It also serves the neighbouring barangays of Bacong, DaanaIngud, Kialdan and other adjacent barangays in the Municipality of Marantao, Lanaodel Sur.

Noor took her early education from her the Islamic city.

She finished  elementary from Marawi Central Elementary Pilot School in 1982, secondary from the MSU-University Training Center in 1988, and college from the Jamiatul Philippine Al_islamia (JPI) in 1992.

She finished her Master of Arts in Education at Bukidnon State University in 1992.

Noor is also trained in the Islamic studies. She finished Ibtida’I in 1999 from MahadMarawi Al-Islamia (1999), Idadie and Sanawie in Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao, years 1990 and 1994 respectively.

To be continued

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