Maranao Community joins Muslims on ‘Eid-el-Adh’ha


Marawi City

The Maranao community in the Homeland and elsewhere is joining billions of Muslims all over the world to celebrate ‘Eid-el-Adh’ha or Feast of Sacrifice on the 10th of Dul-Hijjah in the Muslim’s lunar calendar which falls on October 15 this year.

The commemoration of the ‘Eid-el-Fitr” culminates the performance of the rituals of the Haj. It is among the two great Islamic festivals. The other one is ‘Eid-el-Fitr following the last day of Muslims’ fasting during the month of Ramadhan.

The Haj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca) and Saum-ul-Ramadhan (Fasting during Ramadhan) are two important pillars of the Muslims’ Faith which are obligatory upon the believers.

‘Eid-el-Adh’ha is the celebration when Prophet Ibrahim (as) was supposed to slaughter his son Ishmael (as) in obedience to the command of his Lord but by the mercy of Allah, a sheep or a goat was placed instead of Ishmael thus he was saved from being slew by his father.

As gesture of thanks and by the command of the Almighty, Muslims are required to slaughter cows, goats or sheep during this occasion to celebrate in memory of the greatest sacrifice that Ibrahim (as) taught of mankind.

Islam requires also parents, if they can afford and have the means, to sacrifice at least two heads of goat or sheep for a new-born baby boy while a girl one.


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