Divide and Rule Them

“My World is growing smaller everyday,” so the song goes. Machiavelli’s “Divide and Rule” is the best weapon against the Maranaos. It is proven in the Arab world.
Whoever wants to divide the province of Lanao del Sur into two with the other one to be called Maranao Province is committing genocide against the Maranaos.

The Maranao Homeland used to be so wide and vast. Then in the 50s, politicians in their desire to control powers divided Lanao into two without thinking the consequence in terms of identity and territory. 

After that the Maranaos living in Lanao del Norte, despite being Maranaos, could no longer proudly say they come from Ranao for Ranao is exclusively of Lanao del Sur, their original homeland,which does not include anymore Lanao del Norte after its division. 

And the people of Lanao del Norte are no longer called Maranaos, and if ever people call them Maranaos, they were thought of being from Ranao.

By dividing the Muslim world into small weak countries, the enemies of Islam won over the once powerful Muslims. This is how peoples are conquered: divide them, support each with tools and resources to fight one another and you control them.

America, together with Israel, is doing this. And, yeah, Iran is doing it too.

And only those among the Maranaos who want to stay or remain in power want to divide Lanao del Sur.

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